The safety specialists at Euro NCAP have recently awarded the Jeep Cherokee with a 5-star safety rating during the latest crash test session.

Good news for those of you living on the Old Continent who are looking into the new Jeep Cherokee as the model has been recently awarded with a 5-star safety rating by Euro NCAP. The model in question has received 92 percent in Adult Occupant protection, 79 percent in Child Occupant protection, 67 percent in Pedestrian safety and 74 percent in the Safety Assist.

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee has scored a Marginal protection for the neck in the Rear impact test, an Adequate protection to the chest in the Side Pole Impact and an Adequate protection to the chest in the Frontal Impact. The other body areas, in all tests, have scored a Good protection in the Adult Occupant category, scoring a total of 33 points. The Child Occupant protection added another 39 points to the model’s safety.

The Pedestrian test has seen a Good protection on the front bumper, while the sides of the bonnet scored Poor. The windshield is providing a Poor protection too, in most areas. The points scored here stand at 24 while the ones in the Safety Assist at 7. The model tested was a Jeep Cherokee 2.0 diesel Longitude, weighing 1,788 kg.


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