Europe: Audi and BMW raise concerns over free EU cars image

In a sensitive moment for the ongoing negotiations over the strict new CO2 emissions targets, Audi and BMW opted in offering for free their cars to some EU member states, a move that now causes concerns among politicians.

The concerns raised by both some European politicians and transparency advocates involve the sponsorship made by Audi and BMW to five countries, which coincided with the heated debate over the new limits for carbon dioxide emissions that should be imposed in the region.

“Of course, a direct conflict of interest is always hard to prove, but it can certainly be said that some German car producers have good timing when it comes to donations and sponsorships,” said Rebecca Harms, co-president of the Greens, the fourth largest group in the European Parliament.

The countries involved in the period were Denmark, Cyprus, Ireland, Lithuania and Greece, each holding the EU presidency for six months since January 2012. The European Parliament will vote the proposed legislation this week and is expected to make a compromise on the matter.

Via Automotive News Europe