Europe Commercial Auto Sales From Jan to Sept Down 10.7% image

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association sales of new commercial  vehicles in Europe dropped 10.7% from Jan to Sept, and 13.7% last month.

Last month 150,910 new commercial vehicles were sold in the EU, a decrease of 13.7% compared with the same period last year. The decrease was noticed in several r markets, including Greece down 51.2%, Ireland down 3.2%, France saw a decrease of 13.4%, Germany fell 16.6%, Italy was down 28.2%, Spain fell 32.7, while the UK was the only one which saw a slight increase of 0.7%.

For the first nine months of the year, sales of new vehicles dropped 10.7% to 1,282,248 units, and all major markets reported losses: -7.7% in France, -34.6% in Italy, -3.1% in the UK, -25.7% in Spain and -4.2% in Germany. In September sales of new light commercial vehicles was down 12.4% in France, 14.6% in Germany, 34.3% in Spain, 27.6% in Italy, while the UK saw an increase of 1.1% and Slovakia was up 9.5%. From Jan to Sept, new vans sales were down 11.7% to 1,041,028 units.

In September sales of new heavy trucks was down 14.8% to 18,529 units, and during the first nine month of the year only 162,355 units were sold, a drop of 7.7%. Last month, sales of buses and coaches dropped 5.5%, and from Jan to Sept sales increased 3.7%, due to increased demand in the UK, up 55.0%.