Europe: BMW, JLR, Daimler have profitable plants image

Earlier today we told you how France-based research company Inovev compiled the data on Europe’s plant capacity utilization coming up with the region’s median and also the least productive list.

Now it’s time to find out from the data collected which are the plants at the top end of the list, the ones that actually not only have great capacity utilization, but are also themselves profitable for the mother company. The top three plants that made efficiency become profitable are from BMW, Tata Motors Jaguar Land Rover unit and Daimler.

From the data collected by Inovev, the BMW Group manufacturing facilities are close to 100 % capacity utilization, while actually reports say that the German carmaker’s the global production network runs at 120% – thanks to overtime hours, extra shifts and weekend utilization.

Also at above 90% utilization run jaguar Land Rover’s European plants, which thanks to its strong global demand for the Jaguar cars and land Rover SUVs sees the manufacturing facilities working on heavy load – and the luxury unit is actually supporting the parent company’s financial needs, pressed by slumping demand at home in India.

Daimler – thanks to the rising sales fortunes of Mercedes-Benz has its factories busy producing the compact range of cars, which are hot sellers all around the globe, and are made in Europe in Hungary, at home in Germany and also at contract manufacturer Valmet in Finland.

Via Automotive News Europe