Europe: carmakers could miss EU emissions targets image

A study made by an environmental organization concluded that four of Europe’s 10 largest automakers could miss the 2021 deadline on carbon dioxide emissions set by the European Union.

The four, General Motors, BMW, Fiat and Hyundai, are, according to the annual report by the Transport & Environment think-tank, behind the reductions required to reach the deadline, which could attract fines worth many millions of euros.

The European Union has set up a very ambitious goal for the region, with rules that become the strictest in the world by 2021 – as the automakers are required to lower their annual average emissions across the entire line-up by around 50% from the 2011 level.

“Some carmakers are not cleaning up their act as they should. They need to move up a gear to hit their targets,” said Greg Archer, clean vehicles manager at T&E.

According to T&E, an independent Brussels-based organization, the rest of the 10 large in Europe – Volkswagen, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault, Ford, Daimler and Toyota – are all on target with their reductions.

The study did acknowledge that it hasn’t taken into account the use of the so called “supercredits”, which could be used by automakers to artificially reduce their average quota – and can be obtained through certain amount of sales of electric cars.

Via Financial Times