Europe: Czech new car sales see record tally image

Czech new-car registrations, the country where the Skoda brand was born, have seen a steep climb in 2014, totally surpassing the broader European sales level, jumping 17% last year to a new record of 192,314 vehicles.

The country’s Car Importers’ Association added that as the broader economy continues its positive ascension, the auto industry is in for further growth into 2015, even as the 2014 level has seen the best car sales figures on records that began in 1994. “The result is excellent considering we had predicted 3 percent to 5 percent growth a year ago,” said the association’s Secretary Pavel Tunkl. With economists expecting the country’s economy to continue its growth in 2015, the association forecasts a 5 to 10 percent rise for the year’s car sales to between 200,000 and 210,000 units.

The Czech sales jump thoroughly outpaced the figures seen in other, larger, European economies – for example Germany, the region’s largest auto market, saw a 3% increase in deliveries, while France only edged a positive result with a 0.3% climb. On the other hand, Spain, which also comes out of a deep recession, supported by an ongoing governmental incentive program, has also recorded a 18% jump in new car registrations last year.

Skoda Auto, a Volkswagen AG division and also the biggest Czech company and one of the key employers in the country held on to its dominant domestic market position, registering a 30.2 percent share. South Korea’s Hyundai came in second with 9.84 percent and the Volkswagen brand with 9.5 percent.

Via Automotive News Europe