The European Union is looking to approve a new outline designed to reform the system used for type approval of new automobiles by the start of 2016 in the wake of the VW diesel scandal.

The upcoming market compliance standards would “streamline the procedures for co-operation and information exchange between the member states” and should be presented by the Commission this year, with an emphasis on “clarifying and strengthening the recall system and the exchange of information among type approval authorities,” according to comments made by a spokesperson for the European Commission, the European Union’s executive. The proposal would then be ratified by the 28 EU members and the European Parliament.

The new type approval system is a response to the massive Volkswagen “dieselgate”, where the German automaker, the world’s largest by sales, admitted it had purposely duped US regulators over diesel polluting emissions. The so called “defeat” device, actually software designed to manipulate readings during tests has triggered a huge international scandal and renewed calls for reform of Europe’s type approval system, which delivers the police of compliance to member states. The Commission itself admitted it has had knowledge for years of differences between the real-world driving scenario and the tested emissions levels in laboratories, where all new autos are probed to see if they meet EU law. The new plan calls for laboratory tests to be backed by real-world condition trials and their introduction is scheduled for 2016.

Via Automotive News Europe


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