Europe: Europcar and Nissan Leaf for Daily Rental Market image

Nissan LEAF, the award-winning 100% electric car, is now available for short term hire in Paris and London, and Nissan and Europcar take delivery of 10 new models.

The 2011 World and European Car of The Year, which is available from February, will bring the Leaf to a hire audience.

“There are two distinct reasons for joining forces with Europcar to introduce Nissan LEAF to the short term rental market in these two busy cities,” said Guillaume Cartier, Vice President for Sales Operations at Nissan International SA.

“The first is obvious: with its absence of tailpipe emissions and an outstanding driving pleasure, the Nissan LEAF is the perfect car for the inner city.

The second is for drivers currently unsure whether an EV is suitable for their needs. By renting a Nissan LEAF and living with it in real world conditions they can evaluate the car in their own time,” he added.

Each customer who rents a LEAF will be given a face-to-face handover by a Nissan-trained Europcar representative, and won’t have to pay for the electricity used to recharge car after the rental or any service fee.

There is also a Nissan Hotline available for any query and the customers will also be surveyed by Europcar for feedback.