Europe: Ford could introduce plug-in hybrids to compete with VW offerings image

The European market, on a slow recovery path from the six-year slump in demand, is gradually opening up to the alternative car segment. While full-electric car sales have yet to pick up the pace, there’s one interesting intermediate step.

That’s the plug-in hybrid section – an evolution of the models embedded in traditional culture by Toyota’s Prius cars. Taking the best from both worlds, the plug-in hybrids can function on electricity alone for a number of kilometers, use a mix of electricity and traditional gasoline (or even diesel) power or rely on the internal combustion engine for long journeys. Best of all, the batteries can be recharged from an external outlet, allowing for CO2 free city commutes.

Recently, the Volkswagen Group has announced plans to market a wide variety of plug-in hybrids for its brands, including such versions of the well known Golf compact and Passat midsize sedan.

Ford, a close competitor of the latter with its Mondeo model is now “actively considering” a plug-in hybrid for the region, according to Uli Koesters, the company’s vehicle line director for large cars in Europe.

The US automaker has an easy pick – the Mondeo is a sister car to the American Fusion model – which already has a plug-in hybrid version. The company also has a plug-in C-Max compact minivan derivative.

Via Automotive News Europe