Europe: Ford MyKey and SYNC with Emergency Assistance from 2012 image

So you think junior is a little too lead-footed when he drives the family car? Starting next year, Ford Motor Co. will give you the power to do something about it.

MyKey will make its European debut in 2012, giving parents the ability to control vehicle settings including maximum speed and audio system volume for young drivers by programming them into an individual key.

“Our message to parents is, hey, we are providing you some conditions to give your new drivers that may allow you to feel a little more comfortable in giving them the car more often,” said Jim Buczkowski, Ford’s director of electronic and electrical systems engineering.

MyKey will also ensure that selected driver assistance features cannot be disabled by young drivers, including the Emergency Assistance feature that will arrive with the new SYNC system on Ford Focus in 2012.

In the event of a prang that has involved the deployment of the vehicles airbags, Emergency Assistance uses GPS data to work out where you are and voice-call the local emergency services to provide them with that information. EA covers 30 countries, speaking in the language most appropriate to the location of the accident.

MyKey also includes features that:
• Limit the volume on the car audio system
• Prevent the Electronic Stability Programme from being disabled
• Prevent seat belt reminders from being disabled and deliver a belt warning that will not time-out and mutes the audio system until occupied front seats have their belts fastened
• Deliver an earlier low-fuel warning – at 120 kilometers (75 miles)
• Prevent the driver from disabling Lane Departure Warning System, which delivers an audible and visual alert if the car begins drifting from its lane, and Blind Spot Information System, which monitors vehicle blind spots for hazards
• Prevent the driver from disabling the Forward Alert function, which delivers audible and visual warnings to drivers when a collision is likely, and Active City Stop, which automatically brakes a vehicle when a collision is imminent

According to Ford in Europe 25 year-olds are three times involved in fatal crashes , and as a result, between 1998 and 2008, 58,000 people between 18 and 25 gave their lives in road .