Europe: Ford outpaces German growth image

According to the chief of the German ford unit, who discussed with German business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, the US brand managed to lift sales last year in the country by 6 percent – climbing roughly twice as fast as the overall market.

The second largest US automaker has been faced with ongoing losses for its Ford of Europe unit, aiming to return to profitability sometimes this decade (the deadlines have been updated progressively in a negative trend). But the situation could revert to a positive outcome, after last week the automaker announced that production of its best-selling European model, the Fiesta hatchback, together with other models produced in Germany (Focus and C-Max minivan lineup) would be increased to satisfy growing customer demand. “We want to profitably grow our market share with private customers as well in fleets,” discussed the situation Bernhard Mattes with the business weekly in an interview.

With the Ford Focus the most popular nameplate in Germany (and, according to the Americans, also across the world, though Toyota refutes that in favor of its Corolla nameplate), followed by the Kuga SUV, the company had a 6.9 percent market share last year in the country. He also said that starting with February the automaker would send to dealerships the Mondeo midsize sedan – its most important launch of the year. Additionally, figures coming from Europe’s industry association ACEA show that after a 5.5% dip in November, European Union and European Free Trade Area countries had sales of Ford models growing by 4.2 percent in December.

Via Reuters