Europe: Ford prepares for the age of driverless cars image

Ford has decided that autonomous cars are a safe bet for the future of the auto industry, and among the latest moves in the field we have the recently announced research collaborations in Germany and the UK.

The European projects seek to enlarge the automaker’s spectrum of research into the future of mobility and autonomous driving solutions. The second largest US automaker announced collaboration with Germany’s RWTH Aachen University in a two-year program designed to find and identify new technologies and services that would cater to changing customer expectations when it comes to transportation options. In a statement, the company added the project is also looking into ways to better decrease traffic congestion and alleviate environmental problems. “Without question, we are embarking on one of the most transformative eras in the history of the auto industry and in the history of Ford,” commented Ford CEO Mark Fields during a speech at the annual conference of Germany’s Center Automotive Research (CAR).

The United Kingdom collaboration revolves around a British government-sponsored project researching the integration of autonomous and connected cars into everyday life. The US automaker will support the program with two prototype cars that have vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems as the project seeks to test an innovative public transport system. Ford already has a fleet of fully autonomous Fusion (Mondeo in Europe) hybrid research vehicles equipped with numerous systems – such as lane keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control, pre-collision automatic braking and active parking assistance; while four LiDAR sensors continuously map the surrounding environment to give the car’s computers real-time 3D maps.

Via Automotive News Europe