The battered automotive industry in Europe is finally staging a comeback, with 2014 being the first year when the overall market showed a positive result, after a six-year slump that led to two-decade low deliveries.

According to the PricewaterhouseCoopers Transaction Services Shareholder Value Indices across all automotive sectors the companies in the fourth quarter of last year showed strong results. Automakers and suppliers came after double-digit percentage losses in the third quarter but all of them now managed to register gains in shareholder value during the fourth quarter of 10.8 percent and 14.1 percent, respectively. When it comes to automakers, during Q4 the largest improvement came from Fiat – now Fiat Chrysler Automobile – with a shareholder value jump of 25.7 percent last quarter, after rising 6 percent during Q3 of 2014. The biggest overall improver was Daimler, which placed second and upturned a 11.4 percent slide in Q3 into a 13.6 percent gain last quarter. The slowest was PSA’s Peugeot – which only converted a 5.9 percent drop in Q3 to a modest 0.6 percent rise in the subsequent quarter.

Suppliers had the same evolution after just one of the companies posted a positive result back in the third quarter. Now, of 19 companies tracked, 14 of them climbed out of the negative zone, with almost 50% of them showing double-digit percentage growth. Atop the chart was Montupet, up 29.3 percent – a French aluminum casting specialist. Second placed German gasket and plastics maker ElringKlinger followed with a 22.2 percent jump and PSA’s French exhaust, seating and interiors supplier Faurecia was third with a 22.1 percent increase.

Via Automotive News Europe


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