Europe: France posts August car increase of almost 10 percent image

New vehicle registrations in France jumped 9.7 percent last month, thanks to the boost provided by an extra selling day compared to the same month last year.

Deliveries totaled 92,052 units in what is typically a slow selling month for the auto industry because of the holiday period, rising from a tally of 83,715 seen last year, according to the CCFA industry body. The association added that without the extra selling day the auto market would have still posted a positive result – surging by 4.7 percent. With two notable exceptions all major automakers posted stronger volumes last month than a year ago – save for Toyota, who slid 13.5 percent and Ford which was down 2.1 percent. Among mass-market representatives the best situation was accounted by South Korea’s Hyundai – with a 47 percent jump in demand, followed by Fiat which surged 22 percent thanks to the launch of the facelifted 500 minicar.

The luxury segment was easily won by BMW which posted a 29 percent increase as it outperformed rivals Audi – with a 19 percent surge – and Mercedes-Benz with a more modest increase of 8 percent. Volkswagen posted a 13 percent increase, while Nissan topped that with an 18 percent jump. Opel also posted positive figures, soaring by 4.3 percent. Meanwhile, local brand Peugeot had a growth rate of 14 percent year-over-year, and sister brand Citroen was even more spectacular – thanks to an 18 percent jump. Rivaling Renault managed to post an 11 percent rise which offset the 16 percent drop in demand for the entry-level Dacia marquee. The overall sales after the first eight months of the year have gone up 5.9 percent to 1.26 million.

Via Automotive News Europe