Europe: France sales jump 15 percent in June image

French new vehicle registrations grew by 15 percent last month from the same period last year thanks to a pair of extra working days that accordingly lifted the sales.

According to the CCFA French industry association, sales totaled 225, 645 units last month and clocked the largest monthly increase of the past four years, with the major automakers that were on pace or even beat the broad growth being Germany’s Volkswagen AG and the local PSA Peugeot Citroen. If the deliveries were adjusted to cut out the two extra working days in comparison to June 2014, the sales growth would have still been positive, showing a 4.5 percent rise, said the industry group. The Volkswagen group unadjusted deliveries jumped 23 percent, with the surge led by the namesake brand and the luxury unit Audi. PSA Peugeot Citroen, which only last year stood on the brink of collapse and had to be salvaged through a capital infusion by the French government and China’s Dongfeng Motors, saw a 15 percent growth last month. The gains were headed by the Peugeot brand and local rival Renault managed an increase of sales of 8.7 percent.

Renault is fighting to reposition its namesake brand towards the upscale area of the mass-market sector because deliveries of the group’s affordable Dacia brand that skyrocketed during the fallout from the economic crisis have been worn down by the emerging economical turnaround. According to the CCFA, total deliveries during the first six months of the year have soared 6.1 percent to 1.01 million vehicles.

Via Automotive News Europe