The Old Continent, which this year was supposed to merrily recover from the six-year slump that led to demand falling to a low, two-decade figure, continues to post mixed results.

New car registrations in France, one of the largest western European car markets, have dropped once more last month, dipping 6.8% for a sluggish year end as companies and consumers once more postponed big-ticket purchases.

According to the country’s main auto industry association, due to the continued weakness of the overall French economy, car deliveries have dropped to 163,382 units last month, with the largest automaker in the country – PSA Peugeot Citroen – falling even further by 9.6%. The statement coming from the CCFA industry body stated that the other domestic carmaker, Renault, fared a lot better, with sales only slipping 0.8%. The carmaker continues to impress thanks to the strong demand for its affordable brand Dacia.

The CCFA further said that in the end the French auto industry managed to pull out a positive overall result – even though the sales are nowhere near the broader recovery seen elsewhere in Europe (great examples are the UK and Spain). The association said that full year new car registrations in France stood at 1.8 million units, up 0.3% for the first annual growth since 2009.

Via Reuters


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