Europe is getting Volvo S90 sedans “Made in China” image

It took a while, but customers of cars on the Old Continent will get to see the infamous “Made in China” label on a production, luxury vehicle – the first Volvo S90 examples manufactured there have arrived.

This should be “the most premium car ever made” in the People’s Republic as it arrives at the distribution center in Zeebrugge, Belgium, this week – and this coincides with China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang visit taking place in the European country. This delivery is not only interesting because of the fact that it’s the first premium car produced in China and delivered to the Old Continent, but it’s also the first China-manufactured car getting to Europe via train… using the new “One Belt, One Road” trade initiative. The Swedish automaker claims that taking advantage of the recently opened China-Europe railway link means faster deliveries than on the naval route, which will make customers happier.

Volvo Daqing train

Apparently, that’s also good for the environment – the CO2 emissions from the logistics operations per ton/kilometer are down one third compared to sea transport. Cars are also being shipped using bespoke containers, containing around 225 vehicles. Since November 2016 Volvo has been using its Daqing factory in China to produce the flagship S90 Excellence, but soon all versions of the model will be produced there for global export.