Europe New Car Sales Down 8.7 pct in May image

In May, demand for new passenger cars in the European Union was down 8.7 percent – the eighth consecutive month according to the Association of European Automobile Builders (ACEA).

In total, 1,106,845 new cars were recorded in the region.. May 2012 counted on average one working day less than May 2011. [View May Sales Global Map]

From January to May, registrations slightly increased in two of the most significant markets, with the German stable at +0.3% and the British recording +2.6%.

Among smaller Eurozone states, the sharpest annual decline was in Greece, where 47.3% fewer new cars were registered. Registrations in Finland also took a hit, falling 43.9%. Only Estonia saw any annual
gains with +7.9%. Data for Malta were unavailable.