Europe: New car sales up 9% in July image

With the economy recovering in countries like Portugal, Ireland, France, Italy and the U.K., new car registrations in Europe saw a 9.1% increase this July.

Sales grew from 1.08 million units sold in 2014 on the Old Continent up to 1.18 million this year, according to data from JATO Dynamics, global supplier of auto business analysis. July also marked 23 consecutive months of sales growth, as new registrations for the first half of the year went up 8.6%, to 8,595,528 vehicles.

Brian Walters, head of data at JATO Dynamics, stated that “Aided by high consumer confidence across much of the continent, the European new-car market continues to grow at a healthy pace, with both new and well established models performing well.”

JATO gathered information from 27 European countries, including Norway and Switzerland. All major car producers reported increases in sales last month, with Volkswagen being on top of the European car market, with a 7.7% increase. Coming in close to the second position, Ford also witnessed a 7% rise in the car sales volume, followed by Opel/Vauxhall with a 3.3% rise up to 74,736 units sold and Renault with 4.9% to 70,831 new cars sold in Europe.

The top five auto markets in Europe all noted an increase in sales, with Germany spotting a 7.4% boost, the U.K. scoring a 3.2% growth and France following with 2.3%. A major rise in sales has also taken place in Spain, where registrations hit a 24% increase mark and in Italy, too, where new car registrations accounted for a 15% important growth.