Europe – New diesel engine for Jeep Patriot image

Jeep has introduced a new 2.2-litre diesel engine for its Patriot 4×4, and has improved the specification of Sport versions.

The 2.2 CRD Mercedes-sourced engine replaces the current VW 2.0-litre engine offering an increase in power of 23bhp and and a 7lb ft hike in torque.

Also improved is the Patriot’s 0-60 mph time which now stops the clocks at a relatively pedestrian 10.7 seconds. Jeep claims a combined fuel economy of 42.8mpg.


The new updated Jeep Patriot will come in four trim levels; Sport, Sport+, Limited and Overland, each with increasing levels of luxury equipment. All four models will have an increased top speed of 125 mph with the Mercedes engine, compared to 117 mph with the Volkswagen engine.

Anyway, talking about US, Jeep hasn’t announced a diesel version of the Patriot for the U.S. market and we don’t know how likely it is given most manufacturers interest in hybrid technology.