Although it has already seen record sales numbers this year for the all-electric Leaf car, Nissan is forecasting that in 2015 deliveries would see “double-digit” percentage point increases in Europe.

According to Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Nissan Europe’s electric cars chief, Leaf sales are seen by the company climbing up to 25% on the continent in 2015. According to data coming from analysts JATO Dynamics, after ten months, through October deliveries of the Leaf electric car have soared 40% to 12,655 units, with the model being the best-sold battery-operated car in Europe. While the regional launch took place way back in 2010, the sales are now constantly rising because the car’s sticker price and leasing rates have actually decreased over time. Diernaz points out that while back in 2010 the average lease rate for the Leaf in Europe was 400 euros, it has now dropped to around 250 euros. Big government incentives in France, for example, see the rate at just 169 euros a month.

After Nissan switched production of European versions of the Leaf from Japan to the UK in 2013, the company was also able to lower the base price. In England for example, the discounts offered on the car lower the sticker price to just 18,290 pounds, competing with compact cars such as the Volkswagen Golf and Ford Focus.

Via Automotive News Europe


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