While traditionally the big Detroit three game in Europe has been dominated by either Ford or GM, last month’s figures showed that one Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brand now holds the upper hand.

Across Western Europe, where five of the main markets of the continent are located, Jeep had a spectacular November month – while both Ford and GM Europe had deep troubles, even as they claim mitigating factors. Jeep, now a subsidiary of the recently renamed FCA US (formerly Chrysler Group LLC) saw sales more than doubling last month to 4,591 units for a total of 31,602 vehicles, an increase of 58.1% over the first 11 months of last year. Jeep’s bestseller is the large Grand Cherokee, followed by the Compass model. Things are looking even better for Jeep in the near future as the brand prepares to launch its new Renegade subcompact SUV in a segment hat has seen a sales explosion in the region.

Meanwhile, Ford of Europe’s sales in November fell 7.1% to 60,705 units, though the company could claim the loss is due to the turnover to the facelifted Focus compact and the next-generation Mondeo, already sold in the US as the Fusion. The 11-month figures stand at a 3.6% growth to 824,157 units. GM Europe had an even steeper dive of 12.6% to below 60,000 vehicles. That could be attributed to the continued retreat of the Chevrolet brand and the move by Opel Vauxhall to introduce their new Corsa subcompact.



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