Europe: overall sales in Spain expected to post record for 2015 image

New vehicle deliveries in Spain are predicted to move past the one million units threshold for the first time in half a decade thanks to a strong economic rebound and the government’s subsidy programs.

According to the country’s industry association ANFAC, the 2015 forecast puts passenger car registrations jumping by 23 percent to 1.05 million vehicles. In 2014, a total of 855, 308 autos were delivered in Spain, surging 18 percent from the tally seen during the previous year. The ANFAC guideline sees total registrations, including industrial and commercial vehicles, jumping 22.7 percent to 1.21 million units. “The economic forecast is good. We expect 3 percent GDP growth this year and the jobless rate will also fall,” commented ANFAC President Jose Luis Lopez-Schuemmer for Spanish media representatives.

The best year for Spain was back in 2006 when the all-time record was set at 1.63 million cars and then dropped as the economic crisis began – sliding well below one million in 2009, with sales at 952,772 autos, show figures tallied by the European automakers association ACEA. Between January and June auto sales jumped 22 percent to 555,222 vehicles, thanks in part to the government funded scrappage program that delivered consumer incentives if they traded an old car for low-carbon emitter autos. The program received its seventh round of funding this May. The Volkswagen brand has been the top seller through the first six months of the year with deliveries of 48,648 units, growing 15 percent from the same time frame last year. The group’s Spanish brand Seat came in second thanks to the new Leon compact car – the top selling model in the country for the period with sales of 19,545 units.

Via Automotive News Europe