Europe: PSA and Honda have the least utilized plants image

French research firm Inovev made a study that outlined the status of the production capacity utilization in Europe – and while the median is growing, there are still some who won’t graduate their class.

We just told you that European plant capacity utilization is set to improve this year from 68% to 70% and the French-based forecaster predicts that capacity could grow to 80% as soon as 2016.

But, there are those who drag down the statistics – and with their capacity utilization that constantly stands below 30% last year, run the risk of closure. On top of the “shame” list stand PSA Peugeot Citroen’s plant in Rennes, France, and Honda’s manufacturing facility in Gebze, Turkey.

“Honda is having difficulty positioning itself in Europe, so I think they would be happy to close that plant,” says Inovev CEO Michel Costes.

And, since they’re not the only big carmakers in Europe who faced the bad times of the economic downturn, other plants are “high” on the least productive list – like Fiat’s Mirafiori facility in Turin, Renault’s factory in Sandouville, France, and PSA’s plant in Villaverde, Spain. Still, their fortunes could be turned, as all of them are slated to receive a new model for production.

Via Automotive News Europe