As Renault Europe Chairman Stefan Mueller expressed the brand’s desire to become No.2 in the region by 2017, the French are keeping their word, constantly narrowing the difference to its rivals.

At the moment, Renault is Europe’s fourth brand by sales, and the carmaker is closing in on third placed Opel/Vauxhall as it strives to eventually overcome both the German rival and Ford to follow market leader Volkswagen.

Renault is riding a success wave these months, as its sales are growing at a faster pace than those at competing carmakers, thanks to a refreshed line-up and the increasing popularity of new entries like the Captur subcompact SUV.

“Renault has increased the capacity for the Captur, which offers a clear picture about how well the model is selling. Before, Renault was looking at 150,000 units of capacity and now they are looking at 250,000 units in production so that is 100,000 units incremental,” says Deutsche Bank analyst Gaetan Toulemonde.

JATO Dynamics numbers show that Renault’s first five months sales have increased by 12% to 363,363 units, while third placed Opel only managed a 7% increase over the same period to 378,591 cars.

Besides the best-selling Clio and Captur, Renault’s deliveries are expected to be further invigorated by the arrival in the next period of the new Espace minivan and the new generation of the Megane compact line-up.

Via Automotive News Europe


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