After we reported that sales are finally picking up pace in France, now Spain and Italy also come up front with good values, reporting sales up 10 % for the first and 5% for the latter.

According to Madrid-based ANFAC, the Spanish sales went up for the seventh straight time in a row mainly because of boosts from sales incentives, as the country is among the worst hit by the European economic crisis – seeing its unemployment rate go through the roof.

“Spain stands out in the European context thanks to the (subsidies) plan,” ANFAC association spokesman David Barrientos said. “The next few months are when most registrations happen and will be critical to securing the recovery.”

In Italy the situation is not as good though, as the national car brand, Fiat, trailed French carmakers with a below average gain of only 3.1 %, while the Rome-based industry grouping UNRAE expressed its concern that sales are artificially raised by unprofitable sales to rental companies and asked the government for tax brakes that would see growth from consumer demand.

The first quarter sales tally for France now stands at a 2.9% growth, for Italy at 5.8% increase and for Spain at a healthy 11.8% gain.

Via Reuters


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