Europe: sales of CNG powered vehicles on the rise image

According to the organization that promotes compressed natural gas as a car fuel in the region, European deliveries of cars powered by CNG could rise tenfold by the start f the next decade.

On the other hand, analysts and the carmakers themselves have a more cautious approach to the subject, saying that while the segment’s sales is on the rise, its development very much hangs in balance on government incentives or subsidies and the expansion of the fuel’s refilling network across the continent. Matthias Maedge, deputy secretary general of the Natural and Bio Gas Vehicle Association in Europe claims “we believe gas is the next big thing in transport,” with a study fro the association forecasting CNG-powered vehicles on the continent could surge from 1.2 million today to between 10 and 12 million by 2020.

Most of the vehicles are passenger cars, and the gas usually costs around half the price of regular gasoline – in September the average price in Europe was 79 cents compared with 1.49 euros for gasoline and 1.39 euros for diesel, according to NGVA figures. The CNG is also seen as a low-CO2 fuel that can have its eco-credentials further enhanced by mixing it with biogas. Fiat is currently the top-selling CNG automaker, but others have started launching more models using gas a fuel – including Volkswagen under its TGI badge.

Via Automotive News Europe