Europe: some brands challenged the economic slump image

The old continent seems to be finally reaching the conclusion to one of its worst slumps in recent years, as industry wide results were better in the latter half of 2013. Also, some of the established brands made a strong performance with specific models.

Enter the auto “knights” of 2013: Dacia Sandero, Mazda CXC-5 and Jaguar F-Type. These specific models helped their parent brands even increase their overall year-on-year sales despite the general negative result for the year.

For 2013, no less than 10 of the 30 European leading brands had a positive result – which compares to only seven in 2012 compared with 2011. Also, now automakers widely regard 2014 to continue the positive trend, expecting the overall sales momentum to reach a 3 % sales gain in European new-car sales.

But let’s take the situation on a particular level for a few moments, starting with the no-frills Dacia brand, which is owned by Renault. The second generation of its budget subcompact Sandero made a huge jump in sales, with a 70% gain to 121,398 units. Daica’s overall sales were lifted to a record 294,422 units, which meant the Romanian brand was the region’s fastest-growing brand, up 23 %. That even aided its Renault owner post a 4 % increase in its European sales.

Up next was the Japanese Mazda, which was second to Dacia in the growth top, thanks to strong demand from customers for the new CX-5 SUV, which became the automaker’s top-seller in Europe. According to data provided by market researcher JATO Dynamics, CX-5 doubled its sales last year, reaching more than 50,000 units.

Also, jumping rather unexpectedly in the growth charts was the low volume brand Jaguar, which posted a 16% sales increase to 27,394 units. The main performer here was the new and beautiful Jaguar F-Type – its 2,743 European sales made 80 % of Jaguar’s growth last year.

Via Automotive News Europe