According to a European lobbying group, Mercedes-Benz shamefully sits a top a list of automakers that overstate their model’s real fuel economy.

The new research comes to fuel discussions that point out the difference between what producers claim for their models when it comes to fuel economy and what the owners later on experience in the real-world driving scenarios. European regulators have been called out to bring improved tests and procedures that would better reflect real life driving.

The study recently published by Brussels-based Transport & Environment sees the Daimler AG-owned premium automaker – also the third largest in the world in the segment – having a 40% worse fuel consumption than their published ratings. Although the figure seems awful, it’s actually not very far from the generalized average gap. The report shows that difference to have grown to 31% in 2013 – a huge rise from 2001’s figure of 8%. That amounts to losses worth another 500 euros ($630) each year for the average European driver. Many different organizations have asked the European Union to impose tighter rules by 2017, considering the regulations today too easy to fool as carmakers have been increasingly using the system’s loopholes. The rules in use today have been introduced back in 1996 and according to the study the carmakers aim to keep them in place at least another five years.

Via Bloomberg


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