Europe surging above US new car sales figures, close to China image

European automotive deliveries have topped a new record for March, a grand total of 1.92 million new vehicles have been registered on the continent, which stands as a jump of 10.5 percent over the same period last year, as well as a new all-time record for any month.

Impressive as it may be, it will be even more because Europe has now surged above the United States and actually came close to the world’s largest auto market – China, which posted a 2.02 million sales figure in March. Europe has five very large markets – with Italy taking point in terms of average increases 17.4 percent more than in March 2016, then came Spain (12.7 percent), Germany (11.4 percent), and United Kingdom (8.4 percent). No less than 16 out of 30 markets on the Old Continent experienced double-digit growth and only five were on a negative trend. Greece was the all-time champion for the month, as they come from a large recession to a 49.5 percent jump.

With such big numbers for the countries, naturally car brands also had great figures, with 26 marques out of a total of 52 getting not only big numbers, but also the best ever sales on the continent, irrespective of month. Volkswagen has remained at the top with a 3.9 percent surge, seconded by Ford with no less than 15.9 percent while Renault moved past Opel/Vauxhall for the final podium place. According to figures from JATO Dynamics, the Volkswagen Golf has dropped one rank to the Ford Fiesta – now the continent’s top selling model.