Europe: Telefónica will provide Internet access to Tesla image

Aiming for a big slice of the connected car market, a fast growing segment this decade, the Spanish telecom provider will move to connect to the internet all Tesla cars that the Californian company sells in Europe.

Telefónica will provide internet access to the Model S sedan – a car that has become one of the front runners for connected car technology (besides being very environmentally friendly). The telecom company will use its extensive partners network, which includes O2 in the UK, Movistar in Spain and KPN in the Netherlands.

“As we accelerate our transformation into a digital telco we see lots of opportunities to empower consumers. Connected cars?.?.?.?is a perfect example of this,” said Jose Luis Gamo, chief executive of Telefónica Multinational Solutions.

With the Model S having instead of the traditional dashboard a massive touchscreen, the data connection will allow for easy access to all sorts of car infotainment or telematics – like navigation with real time updates, online music access, internet browsing and access to remote ownership monitoring.

According to data from Booz & Co, a consultancy company and Telefónica itself, the “connected cars” market is highly seen as booming to encompass by the end of the decade nearly 90% of all new cars, with a value of around $113 billion.

Via Financial Times