Europe: Tesla Model S is Norway’s best selling car image

Tesla continues to be a revelation – it’s the best performing start-up in the US stock exchange since a long time – and it’s now conquering one European country – Norway.

While only selling around 1, 500 Model S cars in March (Norway has little over 5 million inhabitants), Tesla’s Model S – which is a luxury car, remember that – managed to best the entire product line from Ford and beat by more than two to one the second placed Volkswagen Golf. The electric car also now makes for more than 10% of total registrations in the country.

With only six showrooms in the country and a starting price of 463,800 Norwegian krone ($77,530) – which is bigger than the US base price of $63,570 (though aided by a federal incentive of $7,500), Tesla’s Model S earned the right to be proud of its feat in the Northern European country.

While back at home Tesla is hitting some bumps – the states of New Jersey, Texas and Virginia have recently banned its practice of selling directly to the customer, skipping the traditional dealer, the company is going ahead with its plan of increasing its sales in Europe and China.

Via Daily News