New vehicle registrations in France, Italy and Spain increased in March, further showing signs that a much anticipated auto industry is taking place on the European continent.

Deliveries jumped 9 percent in Germany, the largest single market in the region, and the tally recorded in all the other three markets bested the figure – the country’s best in three and a half years. France soared 9.3 percent, Italy’s deliveries jumped 19 percent and Spain, as always, took the growth crown with a 41 percent year-over-year gain.

In France, the CCFA industry association reported that car sales reached 196,572 units, a stronger pace than in February even if the figures were corrected to take into account the extra selling day last month. The group also said commercial vehicle registrations jumped almost 11 percent last month, taking the total growth for the light vehicle sales to 9.5 percent.

In Italy, the country’s transport ministry announced that deliveries rose 19 percent to 161,303 autos, with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the largest automaker in the country, taking up a rising market share of 28.49 percent, up from 28.06 percent in February.

Spain’s 41 percent jump last month accounted for the nineteenth monthly sales gain, mostly buoyed by the continued availability of the government’s subsidy program that encouraged purchases of green vehicles. Industry association Anfac said March deliveries reached a total of 112,299 units. The figure also marked the first time in the past four and half years that the market’s total soared above the 100,000 units threshold. For the first three months of the year the tally stands at 267,137 vehicles, rising 32.3 percent past the same period last year.

Via Automotive News Europe



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