Europe: Toyota dominates hybrid segment amid rising demand image

While the European markets continued their sales decline in 2013 amid the six-years slump in demand triggered by the economic crisis, hybrid vehicles demand went up more than 40% – to 214,237 units.

While analysts caution that the segment still has problems with diesel powered cars – some even more fuel efficient then the gasoline-electric powered competition, Toyota has reasons to be happy: the newly refreshed Auris and Yaris hybrids accounted for 47% of Europe’s hybrid segment sales and led the growth with an 85% increase in sales.

“We don’t see too much evidence that other makers are developing hybrids for Europe,” said Al Bedwell, LMC Automotive’s director for global powertrain. “Toyota had a strong track record in hybrids and they haven’t had a strong diesel offering in Europe,” he adds. “If you want a car with better fuel economy than a petrol car, if you buy a VW Golf you buy diesel, if you buy a Toyota you buy a hybrid.”

While we all associate Toyota hybrids to the Prius line, which now also has a plug-in version, the hybrid Auris and Yaris are way more successful in Europe. Prius sales last year in Europe went down 30% to 15,986 units, while the Auris Hybrid hatchback and station wagon jumped 131 % to 53,426 cars and the Yaris increased its tally by 103% to 48,758 units, according to data from JATO Dynamics.

Via Automotive News Europe