European Commission Refuses to Extend German Auto Coolant Deadline image

The European Commission refused to allow German automakers more time to comply with the EU vehicle air-conditioning regulation.

According to the new EU green gas emission regulations automakers must use a new and less environmentally harmful gas for the air conditioning systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to the global warming. The new gas was approved by the German Automakers Association, VDA after extensive tests.

German automakers were the only ones to be against the using of this new coolant, which implies extra costs and applies to all vehicles sold in the EU. Daimler said that when it tried to adapt the new models according to the greenhouse gas emission rules, it discovered that the new coolant is highly inflammable in certain situations, therefore the automaker asked for 6 months more in order to meet the new standard.

“We see no grounds to relaunch such a decision process,” the letter from the Commission’s industry department said.

The European Commission said that in order to make the German automakers comply with the new regulations it will apply penalties to those who refuse to abide by the new law.