European countries looking into VW’s cheating diesel cars image

The recent Volkswagen cheating situation in the U.S. vehicle emissions tests has led to quick reactions from European countries. Germany, France and Switzerland are the first to look into the scandal and ask for information on the cars involved and the extent of Volkswagen’s dishonesty.

The transport ministry in Germany announced he would send a fact-finding committee to the carmaker during this week in order to speak to executives from Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany, and to request access to documents on the topic. Germany’s Transport Minister, Alexander Dobrindt, stated that “Our committee will examine whether the vehicles in question were built and tested according to German and European rules, and whether that was done in accordance with vehicle registrations.”

France is also joining in on the action as it has launched an investigation to find out if the German carmaker had used software that deceived U.S. regulators in any of its diesel cars sold in France, according to the environment minister there. Segolene Royal said that she had asked the United States Environmental Protection Agency for more and detailed information on the fraud committed by Volkswagen. Royal also demanded French car companies to make sure that this sort of behavior and false information do not occur at their companies.

Meanwhile, Switzerland does not rest silent as The Swiss Federal Roads Office is probing to find out if the same type of Volkswagen diesel cars that were sold in the U.S. and that were rigged in the U.S. vehicle emissions tests had also been sold in the country. A spokesman for the company made the announcement, saying that the results were due in only a matter of days. Volkswagen has publicly admitted to having cheated on diesel car emissions tests in the U.S., which has led to a number of countries deciding to verify if VW sold onto their markets these software deceiving models. While the German carmaker was not available for comments, a spokesman for Volkswagen in Switzerland said that the cars sold there meet the emissions standards deemed necessary.

By Gabriela Florea