European sales recovery brings many segment shake-ups image

The region’s car market has been suffering from a six-year slump following the latest economic crisis, but slowly the recovery has finally taken hold into seemingly all the countries.

This year’s first six months sales also showed the changing demand from customers, as no less than nine automotive segments saw new registration leaders. Inside the small crossover segment – the fastest rising in Europe – the usual leader, Nissan’s Juke, was overtaken by its alliance brother, Renault’s Captur. The latter’s sales jumped through the roof to reach 87,396 units. According to figures coming from JATO Dynamics, automakers in the region saw sales of small SUVs and crossovers increase 89% to a tally of 390,100 autos in the January to June period.

The most dynamic segment across Europe remained electric cars, which – from a very low base though – climbed 91% to 23,826 vehicles. The fastest-rising models were Tesla’s Model S and the BMW i3, while Nissan’s Leaf remained the best-selling model in the segment, rising 56% to 7,127 cars.

From the total of 24 segments tracked by Automotive News Europe, nine of them increased deliveries faster than the overall market growth – which was for the January-June period at 6% for a total of 6.82 million cars. Other eight segments had positive sales but they were below the 6% average threshold and additionally deliveries in seven segments dipped, with the largest slide for the Coupe segment at 26%.

Via Automotive News Europe, Jato Dynamics