European Union truck law gets delayed to 2019 image

Late yesterday a new European Union law, designed to promote safer and more aerodynamic trucks has been delayed by five years as the industry players forced the exemption to have enough time to develop the next generation of trucks.

The law, which should bring enhancements when it comes to safety, while also lowering fuel bills and cutting emissions, was mulling for trucks with longer, more aerodynamic noses – akin to the shape of high-speed trains – but will only take effect around 2019. So far, the new designs were also limited by the limitations derived from the maximum allowed weight and size of the vehicles. Member states, with France and Sweden the most vocal, actually planned an additional five-year moratorium on the new designs, further delaying the unveiling of the new trucks by another five years – to 2024 – in order to make necessary safety improvements.

The European Commission – the developer of the law – together with the European Parliament have decided to spur the introduction of the new cab designs as fast as possible, rejecting the truckmakers’ bid to delay the introduction. Producers such as Sweden’s Volvo and France’s Renault said that due to the long life-cycle of a trucks’ life they should postpone the introduction, but the lawmakers argued that today’s traditional shape poses a threat to cyclists and pedestrians.

Via Reuters