European VW factory power loss cuts into car production image

Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg manufacturing facility experienced a power outage on Saturday, which caused a setback in the production process and the company is still looking for the cause.

The generators at the Wolfsburg plant, the city that also has the headquarters of the German auto group, were not the only ones affected, as the power outage that lasted for several hours also impacted some of the surrounding areas of the northern German city.

“We’re a bit clearer now on the impact of what happened,” said a spokesman. “Final effects of the power failure will be fixed over the next few days,” he said, noting delivery dates were not at risk. “The search for the cause of the incident is continuing.”

While Volkswagen initially said production loss was of only 100 cars, it later revealed there were actually several hundred cars affected. The facility in Wolfsburg is the biggest in the company’s over 100 plants network and is home to north of 50,000 workers, producing as much as 3,800 units every day. Among the models it produces there are the seventh-generation Golf compact, which is Europe’s best selling model, and the Tiguan SUV.

Via Automotive News Europe