Europeans own highest number of cars than Americans, Chinese image

Europeans own the highest number of vehicles as compared to the rest of the world including Americans and Chinese.

Consider developing countries like India and China, where population is rapidly growing and so is the literacy level. People from middle class are developing and bringing good change in their lives. The rise of middle class people in Western Europe was first visible during Renaissance period which has slowly spread in other cultures. The point of digging this is the fact that today, a number of cars are found on road across the globe.

People from every corner of the world owns car and fulfill their dreams and requirements. Consider the advanced countries, even poor people own cars as it becomes the requirement. In developing countries, the car owners represent at least middle class status. Owning a car means separating yourself from the area where your ability to buy nonessentials can be seen.

In recent event undertaken to find out the demands and usage of cars in different countries, Carnegie Endowment was concluded that accurately denotes Car Index in the world. The global middle class is growing, but if considered the Carnegie Endowment then the world middle class is growing at much rapid pace than earlier it was thought. This will affect a lot of things where the demands for nonessentials will also rise, bringing both opportunities and challenges to the manufacturers. This also demands rise of medical and healthcare sectors including food supply. Increased consumption means increased waste and rising emissions from factories. All these points will lead to something that cannot be expected.

In a survey, it has been found that Americans own fewer cars as compared to Europeans. The demands keep rising and the time is changing where middle class is developing very quickly. In many countries, buying cars is not a big thing. In fact, it has been seen that cars owned by households are becoming old and inexpensive. For say in India, the average age of cars that are commonly found on road is 20 years which is beyond the comparison with 11-year cars age in America.

In China, around 24 million cars were added between the years 2006 and 2010. Currently, the country holds around 34.4 million vehicles. Still, when it comes to ownership of vehicles, European nations beat the rest of the world by owning most of vehicles. Italy is very car-crazy than any other cities in the world and hold around 600 passenger vehicles for each 1000 people. The city is followed by Germany, France, Spain, Japan, the U.S., China, and then India.