Europe’s houses to feature mandatory electric car charger by 2019 image

Slowly, but arguably, constantly, all issues regarding the expected switch to electric vehicles are being ironed out between the auto manufacturers, their suppliers, technology companies and authorities.

For example, major drawbacks included the very limited range – which is now being addressed by the latest crop of new arrivals – or the time needed to recharge batteries while on a trip. There’s a new private consortium supported by the European Union that is looking to develop a network of ultra-fast chargers capable of delivering up to 350 kWh of energy – more than double what the Tesla Supercharger is currently capable. People’s perception of the segment is also important, but with stars such as Tesla and virtually every major automaker delivering at least one if not entire families of electric cars this is looking like a question of acquired taste.

Lastly, there’s infrastructure – we get some fast charging networks around Europe, but how about people parking their electric car in front of the doorway? Well, the European Union has approved new rules that will require any new house or apartment building to include electric car chargers starting 2019 – and according to a report the rule will also be applicable to home renovations. This would be a great incentive to buy an electric car – knowing you already have your own personal refueling infrastructure, right?