Europe’s sales recovery is under way image

After France, Italy and Spain all reported higher new car sales for last month, the biggest European market, Germany, joins them with a 5% growth – showing encouraging signs that finally Europe is getting out of the six-year slump.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority KBA announced that registrations in the country rose 5% (3% for sales to private customers) in March to reach 296,408 units sold, as every major German brand (except for Porsche and Smart) posted positive results.
The total for the first quarter in Germany now stands at 711,753 units, an almost 6% rise compared to the same period in 2013.

Meanwhile, in France the sales have again pick-ed up pace in March with a 9% rise (179,871 cars), after the growth had stalled in January and February following a good December 2013. Italy is more cautious, with sales growing by 5% to 139,337 units and industry watchers cautioning that rental companies drove sales and called for the government to impose tax breaks to attract private customers. On the other hand, Spain, which was among the worst hit by the debt crisis in the euro zone has achieved its seventh straight month of increases – as the government has kept the subsidies plan. In March in Spain the sales went up by 10% to 79,929 vehicles.

Via Automotive News Europe