Europe’s top 10 bestselling cars in June – List image

Europe’s new car market continues to slow, although June’s fall in sales was less than in previous months this year.

In June, German buyers snapped up 296,722 new cars, up 2.9 percent in a ‘down market’, but up at least. So too Great Britain with 189,514 registrations in June, and up 3.5 percent.

France, with 208,909 new car sales for June, was down just 0.6 percent.

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Here are the best selling vehicles in Europe
10. BMW 3 Series
Sales of 20,112 gave BMW’s latest 3-series 10th place in the top-selling cars in Europe in June 2012

9. Nissan Qashqai
Nissan’s British-built Qashqai continues to sell well. 21,682 shifted in June 21012 compares well with 18,700 in the same month last year

8. Ford Focus
Now it has been around for a while, the Ford Focus slipped to eighth with 22,068 sales in June 2012

7.Renault Clio
The Clio continues to be a success for Renault – 22,946 buyers put it in seventh position overall in Europe

6.Opel/ Vauxhall Astra
The latest Astra was one of two Opel/ Vauxhall products in the Top 10, in sixth place with 23,569 sold

5.Renault Megane
The Renault Megane surged to fifth overall with 23,692 sold, thanks in part to a low-CO2 model selling well in the Netherlands

4.Ford Fiesta
Ford’s Fiesta supermini slipped to fourth overall in June, with sales of 26,430

3.VW Polo
VW’s Polo claimed third place in June with 28,407 sales

2. Opel/ Vauxhall Corsa
The Opel/ Vauxhall Corsa which, along with its Opel-badged sibling, secured sales of 29,490 in June to come second

1. Volkswagen Golf
The clear winner is Volkswagen’s Golf. Sales of 39,811 put it 10,000 ahead of its closest challenger – although VW sold 41,567 in June last year