EV owners are rich, well-educated people, report says image

Plug-in electric car owners in the U.S. are rich, well-educated people who want to free themselves and the country from high-price oil, an independent report says.

A compilation of Internet responses by 990 EV owners and enthusiasts by the Electric Vehicle Information Exchange, part of Oceanus Automotive consulting group, found owners of electric cars to be different from most motorists.

According to the report, EV owners and fans are primarily “very well educated, upper-middle class white men in their early 50s with ideal living situations for EV charging.” These are usually garages where they can recharge their cars overnight, said the group’s report.
Another interesting aspect revealed by the report is that for almost all owners, their electric car was their primary vehicle.

Asked what were the reasons for which they bought an EV, respondents admitted high-price gas, rather than the environment, made them do it. “Energy independence, and not environmental anxiety, was the primary reason that these respondents became interested in electric vehicles,” the report says.

Another report, this time by J.D. Power, found the average EV owners saw utility bills increase by only $18 a month from recharging, compared with the $147 a month they would have paid for gas to cover the same distance. However, of the 7,600 owners surveyed, 43 percent said they charged their car away from home, with 85 percent of the latter category saying they recharge in a place where they’re not charged.