Even celebrities endorse Elon Musk’s Tesla image

It’s no ordinary company and also no ordinary automaker. It’s called Tesla and with its one model line-up has managed to shake the foundations of what it takes to be a successful carmaker today.

It’s America’s investor sweetheart, with its shares rising three digit numbers over the past couple of years, valuing the company more than some well established, at least 100 years old automakers from Europe, for example.

Besides that, the only model in the line-up today – the highly luxurious Model S sedan is a great example of how a start up manufacturer has managed to prevail where others have failed. In the electric automotive segment – truly, with sales that won’t impress anybody, except experts, but with promise for further growth soon – thanks mainly to the languish experience it offers. The Model S is truly a premium sedan, not a cheaply built electric car and besides offering the needed performance for its price tag, it also gives users a more manageable range – the anxiety installs a lot later than in other electrics.

And now, as usual, celebrities rally behind it. The latest example is Jon Favreau, the filmmaker that is a friend to Elon Musk and used his space rocket plant to film scenes for the “Iron Man 2” blockbuster. So he bough a Model S.

“It’s amazing,” said Favreau. “I sold my other car.” That being a Mercedes-Benz.

Tesla’s route is followed now by the traditional automakers, which introduce their own takes on clean energy vehicles for the high-end segment. BMW outed its hybrid sports car – the i8, while German rivals like Porsche introduced the plug-in hybrid version of the Panamera sedan. Competition comes also internally, in the form of GM’s Cadillac ELR coupe – essentially a luxury version of the Chevrolet Volt.

Via Bloomberg