There’s a new record in town – for the biggest Smart parade ever – which took place in Hamburg, Germany, and reunited no less than 1, 635 vehicles.

The feat was accomplished during a ‘Smart times’ event – which has been happening since 2001 and has traveled to a different city every time. Now the 2016 edition had fans of the Daimler brand gather on the streets of Hamburg in a bid to organize the world’s biggest parade of Smart models. It took 1,635 cars to do it – the event was organized for the first time ever in Germany – and beat by a long shot the previous record established in Cascais, Portugal back in 2014 – when 1,427 cars gathered.

smart times hamburg 2016

The attendees had the chance to experience both regular and unique models, such as a ‘popemobile’ or a bespoke version wrapped in wood. There was even an off-road Smart with huge tires and ground clearance or a rare Crossblade – one of only 2,000 examples ever manufactured. The total attendance was of 3,167 people from all over the world that officially took part in the festivities, which is much more than last year’s Hungarian event where there were 1,207 Smart cars and 2,476 participants.


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