Ever thought the South Korean Hyundai brand would want to feature gullwing doors? image

Well apparently the South Koreans are actively considering this because they have applied for a patent for a gullwing door – and the quirkiness is that they’re going to be using it on an RV.

Such a recreational vehicle would of course have nothing in common with supercars such as the famed Mercedes-Benz 300 SL but it’s still an exciting prospect. For now, since it’s only a patent design, we have no idea if and when the hardware would make the transition to a production model or at least into a concept. We have already seen another prototype sporting such an approach – the New York International Auto Show introduced Lincoln Navigator Concept – but we also already know the American brand has no intention to bring that prototype to life.

Of course, using gullwing doors on concepts is a neat and spectacular way of better showcasing the prototype’s interior and we could have the same situation here with the Hyundai drawings. By the way, this patent is neat since it also incorporates the idea of a transformable door – it can be opened as a gullwing or as a regular sliding door when there isn’t enough room for the spectacular opening procedure.

With this patent fill Hyundai has the gullwing door fitted to an RV (recreational vehicle) and even admits it is “hard and inconvenient to open” and would be useful in limited situations – such as loading the entire family at once or fitting inside voluminous cargo.

Via freepatentsonline.com