EVs to win in the face of plug-in hybrids image

Current car designer Henrik Fisker and former CEO of Fisker Automotive is now working on a supercar named the VLF Force 1 and backing a V8 engine version of the Karma under the name of VLF Destino. In an interview for Tech Insider, the Danish entrepreneur said that electric cars will get embraced globally and they will surpass the hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.

However, he has not given up on the plug-in electric cars yet. While Fisker Automotive went bankrupt in 2013 and then became Karma Automotive, Fisker had left the company before that event took place. With the Karma having been first shown in 2008 at the Detroit Auto Show, Fisker states that the electric car adoption did not evolve as quickly as everybody expected. He also believes that Fisker Automotive had an important contribution to the EV development, showing that electric cars “can be beautiful and exciting and fun to drive.”

Fisker believes that the reason why the mass adoption of electric cars has not developed more quickly is because at the moment there are not too many options available for purchase in comparison with the internal-combustion models. However, Fisker reiterated that “electric cars are here to stay.” And because of that, the former CEO thinks hybrids might get lost in the transition, explaining that consumers looking to make an ecological switch will probably go from gasoline cars to electric vehicles and skip the hybrids and plug-in hybrids altogether.

At the moment, Fisker has partnered up with VLF, a company created as VL Automotive to rebuild Karma sedan units but with V8 engines.