Ex-CEO of Saab Automobile charged for false testimony image

The former chief executive officer of Swedish automaker Saab Automobile has been recently charged because of false testimony – as the company’s bankruptcy still has court implications.

A Swedish district court decided to charge Jan Ake Jonsson with giving false testimony in regards to an import and wholesaler deal in Ukraine made in March 2011 – he was still the leader of the automaker back then, though the carmaker asked for bankruptcy protection in December that year. “The legal action is, in my opinion, groundless and premature,” commented Jonsson’s defence attorney Bengt Nilsson. The former top executive also professed his innocence in a recent interview with Swedish business daily Dagens Industri:”As I remember it, the agreement was a correct one,” he was quoted as saying. He also added that four years ago they had numerous other crucial worries to deal with. He was not the only former Saab Automobile employee to be charged in the case.

The Swedish automaker – which is tied to aerospace and defense contractor Saab AB – had started producing cars back in 1947 but its recent history has been bewildered by acquisitions and financial issues. Owned by US automaker General Motors, back in 2010 the carmaker was rescued from closure through a botched sale to Dutch small car manufacturer Spyker, a short lived venture. China’s National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), a consortium established especially to acquire the bankruptcy estate of the company, took charge back in 2012 and attempted to restart production of Saab cars in Sweden. Now they also encountered financial trouble and Saab AB decided to retract the right to use the brand’s name from now on.

Via Reuters