Ex-Chrysler CEO Hired by Fisker image

Fisker Automotive Inc. recently hired former Chrysler Chief Executive Tom LaSorda as its Chief Executive Officer, his attributions being to advise the company on strategy and work with its board of directors.

California-based Fisker plans to boost sales of the high-cost plug-in electric sports cars and to broaden its portfolio of products. Over the last years Fisker received $529 million loan from the U.S. Department of Energy and bought a plant in Delaware from GM.

Tom LaSorda joins the company in blurry times, when its electrified vehicles are under scrutiny after reports of battery fires related to GM’s high-profile Chevrolet Volt. He previously worked for GM as a key manufacturing executive, and then in the 1990s went to Chrysler, where he managed to move up the ranks. Fisker happily welcomes a man with such considerable manufacturing and labor experience to its roster, but also someone with recent experience in a variety of electric vehicle ventures.

Fisker plans to produce 15,000 electric sport cars in 2012, although the production delays have dramatically reduced the start-up the company’s projected deliveries in 2011 of 1,500 units. Although the $96,000 plug-in hybrid Karma production was held up by faulty electrical harnesses and headlights, the company plans to expand its lineup beyond the sporty Karma by offering a sedan and other body styles.